by: Lea Sidoti, Copy Editor | July 26, 2016

Be Brave. It’s the principle that guides us at CHIEF, and a trait that I value personally as well. One of the recent ways I have decided to challenge my bravery is by shaving my head. But I'm not just doing it for fun—I'm participating in a charity event to support kids with cancer.

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by: Taylor Roman-Cohen, Intern | July 20, 2016

UXDC speakers

Just as the customer is always right in Sales, the user is always right in UX. Last week, CHIEF hosted one of its most eagerly anticipated meetups, UXDC, for a night of user-centric conversation. Two industry experts, Cynthia Parshall and Steven Trevathan, shared their thoughts and guidance regarding UX optimization best practices. Here’s what you need to know to become a UX virtuoso:

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by: Mary Burke, Marketing Strategist | July 18, 2016

CHIEF july events

The bravery is back-loaded this month, as we close out July with a bevy of industry events here at CHIEF. Whether you fancy transforming datasets into gorgeous graphics or find joy in empowering women in the creative industry, we’ve got something for everyone. Take a gander and you’ll see why folks from all over DC are gathering at CHIEF for meaty, insightful experiences:

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