by: Evelyn Teel, Senior Marketing Strategist | December 8, 2016

YALI network

At CHIEF, we are firm believers in a robust discovery process, and there are a variety of tools we use as part of that process. Website analytics and heat mapping provide an inside look at how users are actually using a site. Competitor analysis and keyword research help us identify market opportunities for clients. UX audits allow CHIEF to share our expert recommendations on how a website could be improved by putting user needs first. Of all the possible discovery activities, however, my favorite is audience identification and research, because it allows us to overlay a human perspective onto the quantitative data. After all, data without context can lead to some epically false conclusions.

There’s nothing better than hearing directly from users about their wants and needs. Whether through surveys, user interviews or focus groups, audiences can give the most insightful feedback on how a program is serving their needs. By looking at user data in the aggregate, we also can uncover patterns that otherwise might not be evident.

As part of our work with the U.S. Department of State, CHIEF supports the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network. The YALI Network provides resources and networking opportunities for young adults throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, on topics ranging from human rights to climate change to professional development.

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by: Lindsay Zoeller, Senior Marketing Strategist | December 6, 2016

Content lessons closet

I often find myself lamenting that I can’t find anything in my closet, certainly not what I’m looking for. There is just too much stuff—most of it I don’t need, just emotionally attached and unwilling to give away. But, I should clean it out. It’d make it easier to find the things I want and need.

Sound like an all too familiar scenario? Website content isn’t much different. Just like those of us who face the daily battle of closet clutter, users often struggle to find the content they’re looking for on cluttered, disorganized websites. This was actually the topic of the most recent Ladies that UX DC MeetupContent Lessons from Your Closet.

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by: Mary Burke, Marketing Strategist | November 30, 2016