by: Mary Burke, Marketing Strategist | October 20, 2016

We’ll be the first to admit it—we went a little overboard this October, hosting a plethora of awe-inspiring events. So many, in fact, that we’re dishing out double trouble by breaking the bunch into a bi-weekly blog. But don’t get spooked by the nonstop action at our agency headquarters. Instead, head over and enjoy the #BeBrave revelry that’s waiting for you this month:CHIEF October Events 2

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by: Norah Heintz, Marketing Strategist | October 18, 2016

Brand essence north star

So you need to develop a brand. Maybe you just launched a business and you’re starting from scratch—maybe your decades-old organization has a brand that no longer feels authentic or isn’t resonating with your audience. Maybe you want to hone your personal brand.

A brand is a weird, nebulous concept that can be daunting to cultivate. Most of us recognize the importance of brands—or at least certain brands’ importance to us—but when it comes to the process of brand development, we prefer to leave the wizardry and wordsmithing up to someone else.

Fair enough. But I think much of the mystique (or intimidation) stems from the fact that there are no clear, universally accepted and/or sequential steps for brand development. How do you start if you don’t know where to start? I say, start with your brand essence.

by: Justin McCarthy, Copywriter | October 12, 2016

Is customer engagement just another industry buzzword? You may be tempted to think so—after all, it’s tough to define and certainly gets thrown around a lot in the jargon-heavy world of marketing.

Walt Whitman might have said that customer engagement “contains multitudes.” It means so many things at once that implementing it successfully is a challenge unlike any other. And the fact that it’s tricky to grasp doesn’t make it any less important, it just makes it easier to get wrong.

Customer Engagement Definition

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