by: Mary Burke, Marketing Strategist | August 23, 2016

It’s safe to say that last week’s WordPress DC meetup had us seeing color in a whole new light. Never much an artist, developer Beth Soderberg’s presentation did have me conjuring up memories from my middle school art class where I learned the basic principles of primary and secondary colors, as well as the importance of negative space. What I didn’t know, however, was that objects themselves do not have color. As Beth said it, "color is a psychophysical property—it’s perception is the result of a spectrum of wavelengths reflected by a given object reaching our eyes, the response of the photoreceptors in our eyes and the interpretation of that response by our brains."

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by: Emily Eller, Marketing Strategist | August 18, 2016

brand digital touchpoints

Warning: clients and marketers often define the success of marketing campaigns differently. While clients are often hyper-focused on the tactics that produce short-term sales revenue (i.e. conversions), marketers know that sustaining sales in the long-term requires a multi-faceted approach beyond a single, revenue-based objective. Though ‘brand awareness’ or ‘audience engagement’ are not always top-of-mind for revenue-driven businesses, they are critical components of a well-rounded and sustainable outreach strategy.

So before you jump into any marketing campaign, follow these three steps to ensure happiness (and success!) for you and your client:

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