by: Hilary Rocks, Marketing Strategist | July 30, 2015

GovLoop big data

Do you think tech companies are the only organizations using big data to work smarter? Think again. At Wednesday’s Data Done Smart: Your Guide to Data Analytics in Government hosted by GovLoop, three fellow CHIEF strategists and I joined droves of attendees all coming out to learn how the federal government is stepping up their big data game.

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by: Elizabeth Glomb, Marketing Strategist | July 27, 2015

social media logos

In recent years, more and more companies, organizations and government agencies have entered the social space and have added their voices to various social media platforms. At CHIEF, we frequently get asked by our clients to help recommend and implement new social media channels into their overall communication and outreach strategy. Before introducing our clients to any new outlet, the CHIEF strategy team employs several steps to ensure success when exploring new opportunities in the social media sphere.

Let’s take a look at how we help our clients become social savvy:

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by: Chris Lester, Chief Creative Officer | July 21, 2015

General Clark CHIEF

There are times when you have to throw out the playbook and respond to the moment in ways you’d never planned. For me, one of those moments came when I, along with my partner Anuj Vedak, had the opportunity to work with a larger than life figure.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime—working with retired General Wesley Clark to develop a brand and position for his global financial consultancy. This was the kind of work we lived for and we pushed hard through multiple pitches to win the account.

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