by: Hilary Rocks, Marketing Strategist | April 26, 2016

content calendars CHIEF

As a self-proclaimed calendar addict (yes that's my personal color-coded system above), it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of content calendars. Just how a personal calendar can organize the to-dos in your life and show who you see often—or not often enough—a content calendar is an important tool for any brand that regularly produces content. Before you begin firing out content on the channels where your brand has a presence (e.g. website, social channels, email list, etc.), it’s important to take a step back and plan. Below are the steps I take while planning content:

by: Alden Leonard, Senior Strategist | April 21, 2016

CHIEF marketing survey tips

During CHIEF’s discovery process—which kicks off every project with an in-depth series of research activities—one of our go-to tools is the survey. Surveys are an excellent way to get input straight from the mouths of your audiences, gathering insights about everything from demographics to customer sentiment to product testing. Compared to other research tactics, surveys are unique in that they let the marketer reach a large audience efficiently, effectively and in a way that allows for easy analysis and segmentation (through tools like SurveyMonkey, Tableau or Microsoft Excel).

But surveys don’t write themselves, and in order to be an effective marketing tool you have to design a well-researched and well-written questionnaire that respondents understand, are not intimidated by and are compelled to answer completely. To make the most of surveys on your next research project, make sure to keep these eight tips in mind:

by: Kara Batt, Marketing Strategist | April 12, 2016

“Collaborate to ideate” is an unofficial mantra at CHIEF. Just spend five minutes walking our halls and you’ll see writing-covered whiteboard walls, Post-It® notes in purposeful parade and multi-team meetings. While these scenarios may look chaotic from the outside, they are all well-prepared and thought-through variations of the same problem solving technique—brainstorming. Read on for tips for hosting your own brainstorming session:

brainstorming tips