by: Korrea Johnston, Marketing Strategist | September 22, 2016

Snapchat vs Instagram stories

The social media world was in a frenzy last month with the launch of Instagram Stories, and there were generally two camps. Many casual snappers migrated back to Instagram, while Snapchat loyalists resented the update for its blatant copycatting.

Now that we’ve had a chance to really explore the platforms in comparison, let’s take a deeper dive: Who’s the better storyteller, Snapchat or Instagram?

by: Emily Eller, Marketing Strategist | August 18, 2016

brand digital touchpoints

Warning: clients and marketers often define the success of marketing campaigns differently. While clients are often hyper-focused on the tactics that produce short-term sales revenue (i.e. conversions), marketers know that sustaining sales in the long-term requires a multi-faceted approach beyond a single, revenue-based objective. Though ‘brand awareness’ or ‘audience engagement’ are not always top-of-mind for revenue-driven businesses, they are critical components of a well-rounded and sustainable outreach strategy.

So before you jump into any marketing campaign, follow these three steps to ensure happiness (and success!) for you and your client: