by: Taylor Roman-Cohen, Intern | June 21, 2016

DC Marketing Tech Talks

Last week CHIEF welcomed DC Marketing Tech Talks for a night of thought-provoking discussion and expert insights into the technologies that are shaping our industry and the larger digital space. At the event, four marketing gurus gave us the ins-and-outs on the tools essential to achieving business success, as well as tips for developing innovative marketing campaigns. Equipped with marketing experience spanning the security, IT and sports entertainment industries, the speakers shared key advice for companies looking to gain a competitive edge. Here’s what we consider re-tweetable:

by: Angela Eaddy, Digital Marketing Strategist | May 24, 2016


Search engine optimization (SEO) gets a lot of buzz in the agency world, but it’s not always understood by those outside the digital marketing sphere. Some will tell you that SEO is obsolete and doesn’t matter, but the truth is that an SEO strategy is one of the most fundamental things a business should consider when looking for success online. At CHIEF we kickoff every project by gaining a baseline understanding of where our clients are with their SEO initiatives, how their competitors compare and what they should be doing to gain an edge in organic search rankings.

Since search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, techniques that were once highly effective may not provide the same results within today’s new realities. As we approach this year’s halfway mark, we’ve highlighted the top five SEO best practices for success in 2016:

by: Mary Burke, Marketing Strategist | May 17, 2016

Chris Lester CHIEF SXSW

Creating buzz at a massive, and world-renowned, event like South by Southwest (SXSW) can be a huge marketing challenge—but it is an incredible opportunity. As true believers in the power of brand, we took to Austin back in 2012 to launch the CHIEF brand at SXSW. Years later we’re still heading down south every spring for a week of non-stop networking and inspiration.

But getting our brand off the ground wasn’t as easy as just attending the conference. We had to maximize our time and money to stand out in creative, yet cost-effective ways. At this month’s #AMAdBuzz, Chief Creative Officer, Chris Lester, took part in a panel of marketing experts to give his go-to advice for making the most out of SXSW, or any live event.

Here’s what he had to say: