by: Elizabeth Glomb, Marketing Strategist | July 27, 2015

social media logos

In recent years, more and more companies, organizations and government agencies have entered the social space and have added their voices to various social media platforms. At CHIEF, we frequently get asked by our clients to help recommend and implement new social media channels into their overall communication and outreach strategy. Before introducing our clients to any new outlet, the CHIEF strategy team employs several steps to ensure success when exploring new opportunities in the social media sphere.

Let’s take a look at how we help our clients become social savvy:

by: Jonathan Akman, Marketing Strategist | July 8, 2015

google bots

As a user of Google Analytics, I am constantly wowed by the compelling, easy-to-comprehend data visualizations of the platform. These visualizations can help to communicate user trends and content preferences related to your site, mission or product.

Unfortunately, while the data may be impressive and visually appealing, it might be misleading or flat-out wrong. As marketers, it is imperative to be able to distinguish useful “big data” from misleading “bad data.”

by: Amanda Nguyen, Director of Strategy | June 5, 2015

Amanda Nguyen CHIEF Strategy

I recently caught up with Francis Rose on Federal News Radio to talk social media strategy in light of the Department of Homeland Security’s move to establish a formal social media group.

The trick is to really understand and be honest about who you’re talking to, and why. Here are a few tips I shared in the interview about designing a successful digital media strategy: