by: Hilary Rocks, Marketing Strategist | November 23, 2015

paid social media

For years, marketers have urged brands to invest in quality content to post to their social media accounts. The key word is invest—it’s not easy (or cheap) to produce a steady stream of content that will keeps audiences engaged.

But so-called “organic” content —posts that are not promoted with advertising dollars—isn’t enough anymore. Research has shown that the organic reach for a brand’s post on its Facebook Page amounts to a dismal 2.27% for pages with more than one million likes. If organic content alone is not a viable option, how will marketers—and brands—continue to thrive in the saturated world of social media?


by: Ashley Mauceri, Media Buyer / Planner | October 27, 2015

Boomerang app

In the ever-changing and competitive world of social media, achieving the elite status of being named the “most used” or “most popular” platform gets more and more challenging everyday. Though many consider younger generations to be too reliant on (or even addicted to) social media, these platforms and those that advertise on them want to keep their users constantly plugged-in. In an effort to keep social media users engaged, social media platforms have to continuously implement and test new tactics and technologies to stay ahead of the curve and keep their users happy.


by: Hilary Rocks, Marketing Strategist | October 8, 2015

stressed mom

While the rain pounded down in The District on Friday, I was huddled in a conference room with other marketers to attend the DC Ad Club’s annual Advertising Week DC (ADWKDC), an event that brings together advertisers, marketers and media professionals for a series of panels, discussions and presentations about the world of marketing.