by: Emily Eller, Marketing Strategist | August 18, 2016

brand digital touchpoints

Warning: clients and marketers often define the success of marketing campaigns differently. While clients are often hyper-focused on the tactics that produce short-term sales revenue (i.e. conversions), marketers know that sustaining sales in the long-term requires a multi-faceted approach beyond a single, revenue-based objective. Though ‘brand awareness’ or ‘audience engagement’ are not always top-of-mind for revenue-driven businesses, they are critical components of a well-rounded and sustainable outreach strategy.

So before you jump into any marketing campaign, follow these three steps to ensure happiness (and success!) for you and your client:

by: Taylor Roman-Cohen, Intern | June 21, 2016

DC Marketing Tech Talks

Last week CHIEF welcomed DC Marketing Tech Talks for a night of thought-provoking discussion and expert insights into the technologies that are shaping our industry and the larger digital space. At the event, four marketing gurus gave us the ins-and-outs on the tools essential to achieving business success, as well as tips for developing innovative marketing campaigns. Equipped with marketing experience spanning the security, IT and sports entertainment industries, the speakers shared key advice for companies looking to gain a competitive edge. Here’s what we consider re-tweetable: