by: Mary Burke, Marketing Producer | December 24, 2015

CHIEF 2016 marketing predictions

With the New Year days away, it got us thinking about the rapid, iterative nature of technology and how much can change in just one year. Website features and digital campaign components that were recently considered novelties or “value-adds” are now the norm. As we reflect on where we’ve been (ugh, Adobe Flash) here are some predictions on where we’re going:

by: Kara Batt, Marketing Strategist | December 8, 2015

social listening tools CHIEF

As an experienced marketer, you probably know how to identify the level of engagement of your current audience or customer base. But just how in tune are you with what your target audiences—the people who have yet to engage with your product or brand—are doing? Gaining objective insights into your potential customer base is now possible with the latest in behavior analysis: social and digital content listening tools.

by: Hilary Rocks, Marketing Strategist | November 23, 2015

paid social media

For years, marketers have urged brands to invest in quality content to post to their social media accounts. The key word is invest—it’s not easy (or cheap) to produce a steady stream of content that will keeps audiences engaged.

But so-called “organic” content —posts that are not promoted with advertising dollars—isn’t enough anymore. Research has shown that the organic reach for a brand’s post on its Facebook Page amounts to a dismal 2.27% for pages with more than one million likes. If organic content alone is not a viable option, how will marketers—and brands—continue to thrive in the saturated world of social media?